Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WOW- DESIGN REVIEW- Basic Logic Circuit and Technique

In this topic, a brief review of logic circuit and technique is discussed. There are six methods to be demonstrated as follows:
1. Using Logic diagram or combinational circuits
2. Using a TRUTH Table
3. Using Minterms (Boolean Expression)
4. Using Canonical sum or standard SOP
5. Using Simplified SOP or minimum SOP
6. Using Karnaugh map or K-map
Design Problem:
Design a system of a decision-making on buying a T-shirt. The outcome of the decision is TRUE when the three conditions or criteria are fully met. The first criterion is the QUALITY of a T-Shirt. It is TRUE when the QUALITY is excellent. For the other two conditions, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN and SELLING PRICE both must be TRUE. All three conditions are TRUE when the QUALITY is TRUE or both the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN and SELLING PRICE are also TRUE. If all are TRUE, therefore the outcome of decision is to buy the T-shirt.


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